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A Conclusive Guide to Home Maintenance

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By Venture Briks

A Conclusive Guide to Home Maintenance

April 1, 2021

Given an option, few of us wouldn’t volunteer to spend a Sunday, mopping the floor or cleaning the furniture . But when your home is your biggest investment, as it is for most Indians, maintaining it is a necessity. Home maintenance can feel like a daunting task — particularly for a new homeowner . A home operates with the seasons, coming to life in summers and hibernating down for the winter. Follow this natural arc all year long, and your house will run like a well-oiled machine, because like a regular health check-up, a home maintenance schedule is important for every house's upkeep.

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Follow this comprehensive home maintenance checklist each month to help save time and money:


Inspect drains

  • Check the tub and sink drains to ensure there is no clogging. An array of cleaners are readily available in the market.
  • Clean bathroom taps, showerheads, and faucets.
  • Cleaning them at regular intervals helps to remove mineral deposits, keeping them brand new, and avoid rust formation.
  • Run water and flush toilets in unused bathrooms, especially rooms which are not used on a regular basis. The purpose is to clean the bathroom as well as to prevent grim or any other kind of build up due to water accumulation in the toilets.

Deep Cleaning

  • Give your house a good deep cleaning. It is a good idea to deep clean every few months. Dust every nook and corner of the house and clean all the appliances, windows, and furniture.
  • Use detergent to wash the area that is not carpeted. You might consider cleaning the rugs and carpets as well.

Gardening time

  • Of course, you water your garden regularly, but it is also important to maintain your garden periodically.
  • Remove the dried leaves and inspect for any dead plants that need to be removed. Pluck weeds and other debris in the garden. Manage any furniture you have in the garden. Doing this on a lazy Sunday morning with family can be a lot of fun.

Water the inverter batteries

  • If you have an inverter in your house, it is very important to fill water in the batteries every few months.
  • Always use easily available distilled water to fill the batteries. Doing this will increase the shelf life of your batteries as well as increase its efficiency.

Clean out the gutter and drainage

  • Over a period of a year and changing seasons, gutters and drains would have likely accumulated leaves from the fall and dust, sediments from water and rains.
  • Clean them once and if possible twice a year. Also, check for damage and slope. Make sure there are no unwanted openings in the gutter and drains, which might result in external object falling inside and clogging of the gutter.


  • Check the exterior of the house, especially the paint. You might need a touch-up on the paint once a year.

Chimney or gas pipe

  • Clean the kitchen chimney for uninterrupted flow of smoke from the kitchen and check gas pipes for incorrect bends, breakage or leakage. Also, check there are no loose ends on the gas pipe for your safety.
You might keep an online version of the checklist or print it and paste it on the fridge. Check this regularly to ensure all the maintenance tasks are carried out on time for a well-maintained home.